The mission of In Fairness Review is to rectify the reputational harm unfairly suffered by innocent individuals resulting from inaccurate, inappropriate or irresponsible Internet content.

In Fairness Review provides a platform for individuals who qualify to tell their side of the story. We combine professional experience with critical reasoning methods to reach inductively strong conclusions about the claims made by our applicants. Where those claims appear to be more than credible, we will publish the applicant’s story online, in the form of an interview. In Fairness Review makes no assertions of fact and offers no judgments. Rather, by inclusion on our website, we merely suggest that the story told is worthy of serious consideration by the reader in forming his or her own opinion.

There is no money exchanged at any point in the process. The application itself is free, but requires considerable time and candor to complete. We have no infrastructure and no significant operating costs, apart from our time. Everyone associated with In Fairness Review works on a volunteer basis. We are motivated only by principles of objectivity and fairness, by our shared desire to redress this uniquely modern-day harm and by our commitment to give a voice to deserving individuals along with the opportunity for them to own their stories and, in doing so, to live productive and happy lives.